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NUK Product Catalogue EN - Toys

First little friends

TOYS Animal Toy • Lightweight, soft body shape is ideal for small baby hands • Soft squeaking attracts attention and helps baby understand cause and effect • Natural smell of rubber makes it easier to distinguish this toy from others • This animal toy is hand painted and will immediately arouse baby‘s curiosity • Very supple natural material encourages baby‘s discovery of shapes 1/box D, GB, P, I Art. No. 10.256.354 First little Friends Well thought-out toys can help develop babies’ innate curi- osity in everything around them. Three such little friends are now available from NUK: the fox, squirrel and hedge- hog natural rubber Animal Toys are suitable for babies right from their birth as they pose no risk to health and are BPA-free. The natural material feels soft and smooth while the shapes are interesting to touch and investigate. When squeezed, the uniquely hand-painted figures awaken curi- osity with gentle squeaking noises, which train the sense of hearing and help little ones begin to understand cause and effect. The fun, safe way to develop the senses Toys OralDevelopmentInfantFeedingToddlerFeedingFoodPreparationNursery&HygieneSafetyToysHouseholdCleaning

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