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NUK Product Catalogue EN

The orthodontic NUK Shape All NUK Soothers have the original NUK Shape for a healthy development of the jaw. Developed by dental practitioners to simulate Mother Nature´s own example. The NUK Air System All NUK Soothers come with the NUK Air System. Air can escape through the baglet vent, thus allowing it to stay soft and keep its shape and thereby helping to prevent jaw malformation. Size Concept This system offers the right size soother for each age. The different soother sizes should always be subject to each baby’s individual development. Size 0: special size for small newborns from 0-2months TONGUE TONGUE Extra safe Integrated stability contours strengthen the silicone baglet and provide additional safety. Extra soft Internal soft channels make it especially soft and flexible. Reduces pressure on the jaw and the risk of teeth misalignment. Natural shape The NUK Soother is specially designed to simulate mother´s breast during breastfeeding, facilitating a natural sucking sensation. More space The flattened shape allows optimum space for the tongue to make a natural sucking movement. Expect a lot from soothers with a background of more than 50 years of experience SOOTHERS

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